What Can an e-Commerce Website Do for You?

Website Makeoverologist specializes in developing e-Commerce websites that consistently converts shopping visitors into real customers. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be optimizing on your online e-tail store right now, especially with the high demand of shopping for goods and services online.

Website Makeoverologist can help make all of your e-Commerce dreams into a reality! Our high conversion design and development strategies are sure to transform your site visitors into consistently repeat buyers. One of our tactics is search engine optimization (SEO) which guarantees that your site will gain the most traffic possible. Having a fully optimized site that is SEO friendly instantly puts you at an advantage compared to your competitors and it helps you stay at the top of searches on engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our work starts with understanding who your target audience and customers are and learning their shopping behaviors. With that sense, our team ideates the content and flow of your site to deliver the best user-experience. The shopping cart solutions and e-Commerce website developments we come up with are known to deliver great results.

What Can an e-Commerce Website Do for You?

Tips for Successful e-Commerce Shops

If you don’t have an e-Commerce site yet or want to amp up your game, these are our tips:

  1. e-Commerce features that benefit your customers the most: In order to have success, you need to view your e-Commerce site from your customer’s perspective. The best shopping experience includes reading product reviews, the ability to check shipping prices, subscribing to weekly newsletters, maintaining a loyalty program, and make it super easy to check out.
  2. Unique features that every online shop owner needs: It all comes down to what your specific wants and needs are. Is it a dire need that you get an automatic notification whenever your inventory is low? Do you have a low budget or is there any wiggle room? Is there anything you need to specifically keep track for analytics?
  3. Shopping software with calculations: Using software that calculates shipping costs in real time is going to be a major game changer, especially if you have international customers.
  4. Flexible payment options: Giving your customers flexible payment options will ensure a higher conversion rate. This includes being able to process credit cards, PayPal, VenMo, electronic and paper checks as well as fax and telephone transactions.
  5. Consider if you need the ability to run sales, specials, promotions and discounts
  6. Think about the security of the shopping cart: The truth is that a majority of customers aren’t highly technical so we make sure that the shopping cart we develop is easy to manage by your staff members or yourself.
Tips for Successful e-Commerce Shops