Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Of course and there’s a specific reason why. As long as the usage of internet is keeps up with its growth rate, it’s a no brainer that you should try to land yourself a spot in someone’s inbox real estate. Email marketing is often overlooked and yet it’s such an affordable method of advertising! Reason being is because most companies don’t know how to execute an email campaign successfully so they end up with poor results that negatively affects their impression of such a powerful tool. One of the most used forms of email marketing is promoting special deals and other sales that can happen both online and off. This tactic has been known to encourage customers to make multiple purchases before the sale is done so that they can get better deals.

Another powerful mechanism about email marketing is that your specific subscription list is owned by you, which means that you can directly connect and contact your loyal buyers and customers. There’s a lot of data you can pull from your subscription list, like knowing where your customers come from, whether it’s on a local level or an international scale. With a subscription list, your customers have the option to easily unsubscribe so there’s no need to worry about spamming. There are a number of benefits for using online platforms like email and social media to market your company including:

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Global Reach
  • Drive more sales by promoting deals and discounts
  • Customize it to be super personal
  • Customers can subscribe/unsubscribe any time
  • Segment your audience for better marketing
Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Effective Email Marketing

Each and every one of us has been hit with a spammy or unwanted at least once, if not on a weekly basis. Those emails are considered to be ineffective, but our team at Website Makeoverologist is much more precise than that. We are mindful of who your ideal audience is, as well as what you want to communicate so that your email campaigns produce higher open and response rates, which will leave customers wanting more. Context isn’t the only thing we consider, we also account for design aesthetics.

Successful email marketing gets measured once customers open up an email. Through thousands of experimentations, testing out multiple subject lines, layouts and templates, we’ve essentially become experts at accomplishing comparable open rates. Due to our effective email designs, we’ve been able to achieve jaw dropping open and click-through rates for clients that are trying to reach more customers. Through our marketing experience at Website Makeoverologist, we’ve learned how important it is to have a good subject line as well as good content in an email. If you’re not convinced yet, here are email marketing services Website Makeoverologist can implement for your business:

Effective Email Marketing
  • Email Delivery – We know how challenging it is to make sure that emails actually get delivered in the right inboxes and we can manage that for you.
  • Email Design – Whatever campaign you’re trying to send out, we’ll design your newsletter so that it’s fully branded and professional looking
  • Email List Maintenance – From managing, loading, and cleaning, we’ll make sure your list is healthy as ever
  • Analytics Reporting – If you need the ability to track certain rates for ROI, we can put together regular reports that detail what’s working and what’s not in your email campaign, including email open rates, click-through rates, unsubscriptions and undelivered emails
  • Dedicated Email Server – Think that you’ll be in the business of sending massive amounts of emails every month? We offer dedicated email servers to keep your operation running smoothly
  • Email Copy – Need someone on your team who can write effective content that sells on your newsletters? We’ll take care of that
  • Quality & Assurance Control – To ensure people trust the emails that come from you, we’ll test out each email before they get sent so that images and links aren’t broken!
  • Email Scheduling – Sending emails at the right time is just as crucial as what the subject line is. With our experience, we’ll make sure it gets delivered right on time!