Keyword Research Analysis

Why are “keywords” so important when it comes to online marketing? Keywords are phrases or particular words that online searchers are using when they’re trying to find something online while using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. When used properly, keywords make bank. Through Website Makeoverologist, you won’t have to worry about figuring out which keywords to use and how. We’ll handle researching and implementing what’s best for your website so you can sit back and watch as your rankings and site hits increase. Website Makeoverologist has a team with many years of experience in knowing how to research which keywords or phrases would be most appropriate for your business and industry.

Website Makeoverologist offers the following keyword research services:

  • Research words used by prospects and current customers
  • Identify main keywords to be used for PPC and SEO purposes
  • Research contextual words, including geo-targeting
  • Provide insight to your target market based on keyword research
  • Explore what terms your competitors are using
  • Determine the effectiveness which keywords and phrases will be most effective
Keyword Research Analysis

Long Tail Keyword Research

Another service we do at Website Makeoverologist is something called “long tail keyword research.” This is a little differently and it’s for when someone is making a very specific search online. A good example would be when a basic search could be the word “Cats” whereas a long tail search would be “cats with blue eyes and grey fur”. A search like that will produce much more precise results, which is key for your business. Reason being is because specific searches like that typically indicates a user’s intent to purchase. Website Makeoverologist can help find the most helpful long tail keywords in your industry by:

  • Researching best longtail keywords for your website and business
  • Conduct word streaming for group longtail keywords
  • Uncover which keywords will get optimal results through AdWords Grader
  • Maximize your PPC and paid search campaigns by utilizing longtail keywords which means you’ll pay less while getting a higher ROI
  • Evaluate your website to see if it can be super personalized with proprietary information which will help yield more accurate results
Long Tail Keyword Research

Keyword Services

Website Makeoverologist will help add onto your revenue stream by giving you effective keywords in the following categories:

  • Comparison-based keywords (e.g. Mac vs. PC)
  • General keywords (e.g. laptop)
  • Product and brand-specific keywords (e.g. Macbook, HP tablet)
  • Location keywords (e.g. Apple store in Los Angeles County)
  • Call to action keywords (e.g. buy a laptop)
Keyword Services